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Brooke House Nursery and Primary School opened its doors in September 2016 as a mid‐sized full-service childcare, education and development facility that handles the education of children from three months to eleven years of age. The school aims to prepare its students to excel as young leaders for tomorrow by combining an exclusive collegiate based curriculum tailored specifically for children with first class childcare services

Brooke House is set to offer high class, stem-based education backed by world class experience founded on sound biblical principles at an affordable price.

We are committed to the highest standards of health, safety and care for our children. Our goal of promoting effective teaching practices leading to increased student learning and performance will place us in a unique position to provide an unmatched learning experience for our children while our emphasis on providing high quality opportunities for professional development for teachers will see us raise the bar for the entire child development space.


Our educations goals are as follows:

  • Ensure that all students receive first – rate education
  • Ensure that all students have high quality, committed and caring teachers;
  • Promote effective teaching practices leading to increased student learning and performance
  • Provide effective support and feedback to teachers so that they continue to develop their knowledge base and skills and choose to remain in the profession.
  • Provide high quality opportunities for professional development for teachers

The BrookeHouse Child Creed

  • I am a Brooke House Child.
  • I am Christ-Like, sound in mind, body and spirit.
  • I am courteous, full of life, and confident.
  • I am curious, eloquent, creative and innovative.
  • I am proud of my heritage, sophisticated and refined.
  • I am a leader and I am great.

Values & Ethos

Our Core Values and Shared Commitments

We collectively pledge to ensure that BrookeHouse will always retain these values and this identity:

  • Academic: We are vigorously academic.
  • Diverse: We intend to be beautifully diverse.
  • Christian: We will strive to be “thoroughly Christian.”
  • Communal: We value community.
  • Nigerian Culture: We will respect our culture and language

Definition of the BrookeHouse Child

The BrookeHouse child is envisioned to be an embodiment of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional balance. Specifically, the Brooke House child is:

  • Christ-Like
  • Courteous, full of life, cerebral and confident.
  • A global citizen, humorous, and adaptable
  • Curious, eloquent, creative and innovative.
  • Proud of their heritage, community oriented, yet able to keep their identity.
  • Has self- esteem and integrity, selfless and self-fulfilled.
  • Comfortable with technology
  • Has relevant 21st century skills like digital age literacy, inventive thinking, social and personal skills and result oriented
  • Has higher order of thinking skills and can withstand peer pressure and deal with issues maturely
  • Has leadership qualities and team spirit.
  • Empathetic and intellectually competent
  • Sophisticated and refined.
  • Inspired to greatness.

These expected outcomes will form the basis and framework of BrookeHouse Curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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